Foundation Center Launches Open Data Tool and Foundation Stats API

The Foundation Center, a leading provider of philanthropy data, analysis, and training, has just announced the launch of Foundation Stats, a brand new online tool that generates tables and charts from a vast collection of data about the U.S. foundation community. In addition, the Foundation Center has also provided a Foundation Stats API allowing developers programmatic access to the philanthropy data available at Foundation Stats.

Foundation Stats

Foundation Stats is a free service that provides users open access to philanthropy data including aggregate fiscal data for FC 1000 Foundations such as distribution of grants, top 50 foundations awarding grants, and top 50 recipients of grants from foundations. Fiscal data for grants can be filtered by subject area, population group and recipient location. Subject areas include arts and culture, education, environment and animals, health and human services, science and technology, and social sciences. Users can generate tables, charts, and graphs for different foundation and grant statistics over time and then share the data via links or download as PDFs. Foundation Center President, Bradford K. Smith, states for the press release that:

"Foundation Stats allows grantmakers, nonprofit professionals, researchers, and journalists to get exactly the foundation data they need. It represents a huge leap forward in opening up data on philanthropy and paves the way for the development of innovative applications of the type that only open data makes possible."

The Foundation Stats API allows developers programmatic access to data sets for foundations and grants. The foundation data set dates back to 2001 and includes the fiscal information for all active funders in a given fiscal year. The grants data set dates back to 2004 and includes all grants of $10,000 or more from from the FC 1000 (a sample of 1,000 of the largest U.S. foundations). Developers can create their own custom API calls or use the Foundation Stats Query Builder which is powered by Apigee. At the time of this writing, the API supports Basic Auth and programming languages supported include JavaScript, PHP, and .NET. Foundation Center Vice President for Research, Lawrence T. McGill, comments about the Foundation Stats API for the press release:

"This is the first time that aggregate statistics on foundation funding have been made available as an online data Feed. By making it easy for others to use this information, the API extends the potential of the data to inform public and social sector decision making."

For more information about the Foundation Stats API and the available grants and foundations data sets, visit

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