Four FIFA World Cup Data APIs for Developers to Play With

The 2018 FIFA World Cup football (soccer) tournament is currently underway taking place in Russia with the final match to be held on July 15, 2018. With millions of football fans closely following the matches, we thought we would highlight a few APIs that provide information about the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournaments.

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Football- API

Developers can use the Football-APITrack this API to add up-to-date information for major football (soccer) events to web and mobile applications. The API returns match data such as live scores, current tournament standings, scheduled matches, team profiles, and player profiles for approximately 50 major world leagues, 15 European leagues, and 350 competitions. The API is not free; there are currently three paid plans and the option for custom pricing. A custom paid plan for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is available, and it is a one-time, non-recurring purchase.

Football (Soccer) Livescore API

The Football (Soccer) Livescore APITrack this API provides data for all major football (soccer) leagues which includes (but not limited to) national leagues, national cup tournaments, and international competitions from all major football associations. The Football Livescore API includes match data for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The data is provided via four primary APIs: Livescores API, Standings API, Fixtures API, and Match Events API. The Football Livescore API is not free (there are two paid plans), but a 14-day free trial is available.

openfooty API

The openfooty APITrack this API allows access to the footytube technology Platform, an online football (soccer) community where users can watch videos, get the latest football news, and participate in proprietary dreamfooty fantasy football games. Developers can use the openfooty API to integrate data from the footytube technology platform such as user profiles, fan valuation leaderboards, and up-to-date news. The API also returns photos, videos, podcasts, fantasy football league data, and more. The API is free for non-commercial use, and any app using the API must display attribution.

World Cup in JSON API

The World Cup in JSON APITrack this API scrapes web pages for current World Cup match results and returns data based on the information that was scraped. The API returns a variety of match data for the 2018 World Cup tournament in Russia. Among the information that the API returns are today's matches, current match, matches for a given country, and the results for teams (wins, losses, etc.) The API will also return match data for the FIFA Women's World Cup when it takes place in August 2018. The API is free to use. However, there are rate limits. At this time, the API rate limit is ten requests per minute, and developers can ask for a whitelist for more requests if needed.

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