Four51 Rebuilds and Relaunches Developer Portal

Four51, an eCommerce solutions provider, has redesigned and relaunched its Developer Portal. When the portal was first launched in 2016, it gave developers access to a B2B eCommerce Platform through the API. As eCommerce has evolved, developer needs and demands for an eCommerce platform have changed. Four51 aims to meet developers where they are with the relaunch.

“Enterprise development teams have realized that API-first, Headless platforms allow them to keep pace with customer experiences,” Rich Landa, Four51 Chief Product Officer, commented in a press release. “These updates to our OrderCloud Developer Portal should continue to make it easier for developer teams to access and utilize our open APIs to design, develop, and deliver custom eCommerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions, integrated with their existing backend systems.”

The relaunched portal was built from the ground up with modern technologies and use cases in mind. Key new features include a UI designed for developers and non-developers, persistent tabs to increase productivity, document searchability, and the move towards open-sourcing OrderCloud Documentation.

As more and more non-developers move into the development space through modern tools, the new portal is easy to access for developers and non-developers. For example, enhanced forms are readily accessible for non-technical users. The persistent tabs are similar to browser tabs. This allows for toggling back and forth more easily. All docs can now be searched. This includes API Reference, blogs, and release notes. To open-source the documentation, Four51 has published the docs on Github. Check out to learn more.

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