Foursquare App That Makes You Regret Sizzler

Perhaps you don't need an app to help you regret Sizzler or your other guilty pleasure. If you're a foursquare user who wants some gentle encouragement to check in to healthy venues, there's a new app to check out. But unless you spend a lot of time at parks and gyms, be prepared to be a bit discouraged.

Fitsquare uses the foursquare API to track your check-ins and apply points based on the category of the venue. Go to the gym and it's nine points (more points are good). A pub will bring you down four points.

The app is actually a research project by Samuel Jonathan Smith, a Computer Science student at the University of Lincoln in England. Smith's professor explains the project that is part of the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre:

Sam is currently looking for volunteer participants, anybody who uses foursquare on a regular basis is more than welcome to sign up. Participation in this research project involves connecting your foursquare account with fitsquare and you will also be expected to actively check-in on foursquare on a regular basis. You are also encouraged to take advantage of the fitsquare social, competition and tracking features made available from the web application.

In addition to using foursquare, the app also uses the Twitter API to send encouragement and score notices.

My score has dipped into the -400 territory and appears to be on a downward trajectory. I can't imagine SXSW coming up this week will help. But it may encourage me to seek out--and check into--that hotel gym.

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