Foursquare Dating App: Check-in and Check Out

It's a little bit creepy, but it's also a little bit genius. Singles for Foursquare Builds a dating and messaging service on top of the location-sharing application. The result is a mashup that could match up hip iPhone-using, Foursquare-playing, same-bar-going early adopters.

Using the Singles iPhone app, users sign in with Foursquare and create a simple bio. Then, they check in directly with the app, which uses the Foursquare API. If there are others checked in who are also using Singles, one of them can initiate a text conversation, which hopefully would lead to an actual, talk face-to-face interaction.

Just look at how well Guillermo and Katy get along in the demo video (embedded below):

The concept could actually be expanded to connect users in a time-shifted manner. Rather than needing to be at the same place at the same time, Singles could recognize two of its users that frequent a particular restaurant and suggest they go at the same time. With dating sites based on even more tangential commonalities, it seems like a reasonable service to give to Foursquare users who tend to love their local businesses.

What do you think? The next time you check-in, will you also do some checking out?

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