Foursquare Gets Useful with WhereTheLadies.At

Yes, you read that title correctly. WhereTheLadies.At is, indeed, a thing that exists. Before you get start joking around, let's be honest. Checking in all the time on Foursquare has earned you nothing but Mayorships and a free slice of pizza every once in a while. Well, that's about to change.

This Foursquare API-based web app (the iPhone app, which is literally a giant compass pointing towards said ladies, is coming soon) was founded by Danny Trinh and Jeff Hodsdon of Path and Digg, respectively. What allegedly started as a joke is now getting major traffic and looking to expand (WTLA currently only works in San Francisco) to other major cities.

So how's this thing work?

No, it's not just the Old Spice guy texting you where to go, it actually runs on Foursquare's API. WTLA looks at the first names of people who have recently checked in to determine if a user is a male or female and displays locations where a high volume of girls have checked in. The concept is that if a few ladies have checked in, it's likely that more ladies will also be at that location.


While this method may produce a slight margin of error, it's probably fairly accurate in determining where you may find ladies. However, it likely wouldn't work in the opposite way--looking for men. That's because WTLA counts on the male-centric user base of Foursquare, where a female check-in stands out.

Follow WTLA on Twitter for updates on when they'll be rolling out to your area.

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