Foursquare Global Hackathon: 100+ Cities, One Championship Belt

Do you fancy yourself checking in for dinner with Foursquare founder, Naveen Selvadurai wearing a Foursquare Champion Belt? The location-sharing Platform has thrown in that opportunity as part of its unique Round-The-World, Round-The-Clock Hackathon. The event plans to bring together developers to collaborate locally and globally to build cool applications using the Foursquare API and win some cool prizes too.

The event is scheduled for this weekend, September 17-18. There are four official sites (NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, & Paris) where you can sign up. If you do not live in and around the official sites, you can still be part of the hackathon by looking up various Foursquare Meetup groups in your area. As of last count, various groups in more than 100 unofficial, user-organized cities around the world have also signed up. Seats are fast filling up for the official sites but some of them still remain, so hurry up.

“For our second official Hackathon, we're doing something that's long been a wish of mine: to do a truly global Hackathon," Foursquare's Selvadurai said. "It starts in Tokyo when the sun rises and finishes in San Francisco where the sun sets.”

There are tons of local prizes in each of the cities and the big one is a Foursquare hackathon title belt. In addition to that there is also a jury prize, a NASDAQ Prize and a Twilio Prize.

The schedule for the hackathon and locations are all put up at the official contest page. If you are looking for ideas on what applications to make, there is awesome wish list waiting for you. So checkin for the Foursquare Global Hackathon. It might just be the best checkin that you made.

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