Framebase Offers an API for Video

At its very core, Framebase constitutes an API for video. The Framebase API enables developers to easily add video to an application without the hassles that usually accompany video. Whether an app needs to record, play, or upload a video; Framebase empowers apps with attractive video capabilities. The Framebase team created Framebase purely out of personal frustration with adding and maintaining video within other apps. Accordingly the team created Framebase: "Framebase is programmatic video."

Framebase launched with the goal to eliminate the need to hire extra headcount and development talent dedicated to video. Framebase wants app developers to focus on their core app functionality and empower developers to add video with just two lines of code. Not only is Framebase flexible from a developer's standpoint (e.g. cross-format, cross-device, etc.), Framebase also provides helpful metrics to measure a video's success (e.g. analytics, CTA, social exports).

The Framebase API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Uploading videos is a simple POST request. Recording and playing videos are accomplished through straightforward GET requests. For more information, or to try out the API visit the API Docs.

Web and app-based video is quickly changing the way our world works and plays. Sites and apps without video capacity are less attractive to prospective users and less likely to retain attention. Framebase offers ubiquitous access to video. Framebase has solved an ongoing problem in app development that previously prevented cheap, easy access to video.

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