Free Google Analytics Dashboard Built With Google's APIs

Google Analytics is one of the most popular, and free, ways to track web site statistics. It is not uncommon for web masters to use Google Analytics to monitor several different domains, possibly using more than one Google account to do so. But while Google Analytics is a powerful tool, getting a concise overview of these separate statistics can be difficult. The folks at Trakken GmbH thought so too, and so they used the Google Analytics API to create Trakkboard.

Trakkboard is a free application that uses the Analytics API to to pull in statistics across multiple domains and Google accounts, and then display these statistics alongside each other in widgets that can be freely arranged in the dashboard. These statistics can also be automatically refreshed, giving you a single, up to date overview of all your Google Analytics data.


The application runs on the Adobe AIR Platform, meaning it will run on any operating system AIR does. It is also multilingual, supporting English, German and Spanish. According to the Google Analytics blog, some of the other advanced features are:

  • 15 different report widgets available
  • Top/flop keywords widget (movers & shakers)
  • Drag-drop and resize report widgets
  • Update all widgets at the same time
  • Update individual widgets at set intervals
  • Use tabs for more dashboards
  • Resize report widgets
  • Notes widgets for comments
  • Add up to two Google Account Email addresses

Trakkboard is a handy utility for anyone looking to consolidate and compare Google Analytics data in one central location. You can also find more Google Analytics API mashups in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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