Free Photo Editing Goes Mobile with Aviary iPhone/Android SDKs

Aviary, the photo editing suite that includes a number of Aviary APIs to incorporate photo editing into your web applications is moving its tools to mobile. Today it announced SDKs for iPhone and Android, as well as an impressively long list of launch partners who have already incorporated the platform in their mobile apps.

Aviary's post explains how it works:

As of today, any and all mobile developers will be able to inject Aviary’s photo editing functionality right into their own app – all without the fuss of developing it on their own. Currently, our SDK is available for iPhone and Android devices. iPad support is on the way, and our SDK is 100% compatible with the forthcoming iOS 5.

Our Mobile SDK lets you focus on the core of your app, while we provide the photo editing tools and maintain them for you along the way. This will not only add extra functionality for your users, it’ll bring us one step closer to our mission of powering the world’s creativity.

The tool provides basic color scheme customizations out of the box, but some of the more advanced UI changes will require more coding. You can get a feel for what's possible by checking out the 31 launch partners, which includes popular photo sharing app PicPlz and social photo aggregator iSocialize.

With all the photo sharing apps out there, let's hope they take Aviary's advise focus most of their efforts on what's original about their app, rather than filters and touch-ups. Aviary has now made that a commodity.

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