Free Scringo Tools Make Mobile Apps More Engaging and Profitable

By any measure developers of mobile computing applications are having a tough time making a living. For the most part they have to give their applications away for either free or a nominal fee. They generally wind up sharing revenue based on the amount of advertising revenue their application generates. Of course, that revenue is totally dependent on how successful the application is. To help mobile developers ensure that kind of success Scringo today launched Developer Zone, which gives mobile developers the ability to download a variety of commonly-used features to boost end user engagement for free.

According to Ran Avrahamy, co-founder and vice president of marketing and products at Scringo, the basic idea is for Scringo to share the risk with developers by getting a percentage of the advertising revenue their application generates in return for giving them free access to functionality such as social networking, activity feeds, application discovery and monetization tools.

The cross- Platform Scringo SDK provides access to a customizable, swiped-in sidebar that serves as the interface to a central repository of tools that Scringo makes available free to developers. Avrahamy says the main issue that mobile application developers wrestle with is how to increase reach, retention and revenue in a way that minimizes their costs. Scringo is designed to give mobile application developers a way to address those issues without having to invest in adding features that are increasingly becoming standard across the mobile computing spectrum.

Investing time and money to develop features that don’t do much in terms of differentiating the mobile application experience is a waste of time and money, says Avrahamy. At the same time, Avrahamy says not having those features can doom an application. Data analytics from Scringo’s beta program show that adding the company’s SDK to an app will increase the average user time spent on the app by 97 percent, and increase the average number of recurring sessions by 89 percent. Avrahamy says the more things an end user gets to do within the mobile application the more they engage, which drives up not only usage but return visits.

While on the one hand it’s clear that there is huge demand for mobile computing applications, the business models for delivering these applications are deeply flawed. Free tools from vendors such as Scringo may not completely solve that problem. But they do create an option for mobile application developers that are already finding themselves hard pressed to make a living.

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