Launches API for Automated Access to Outsourced Work has announced the launch of its Freelancer API. Through the API, users can send tasks to freelancers, receive the completed tasks, and pay freelancers for the completed task. At the most elementary level, the Freelancer API can be used by human operators to recruit talent to complete certain tasks. However, digging deeper, the potential for software systems themselves to utilize the API to solve software-identified problems uncovers the true potential of the Freelancer API.

"With the Freelancer API, software can now simply post a job and hire one, three or five hundred humans on your behalf; software can now literally assemble an army overnight to solve complex problems," CEO, Matt Barrie, commented in a press release.

In a recent hackathon created by to showcase the API, Steve Liu (Flobox Co-Founder) called the Freelancer API through an Artificial Intelligence Platform to automatically cycle and optimize ad creatives. While human designers created the ads, no humans were involved in hiring the humans.

The Freelancer API has bold expectations: "Why hire people when you can just make an API call to the cloud?". If this dream is to become reality, continued, seamless access to freelancers through the API must be consistent. Freelancer has certainly started with the right things in mind with a proactive approach to comprehensive documentation, an effective Versioning strategy, Sandbox testing environments and interactive sources of help. Currently, users can create a project, bid on a project, manage a project, work on a project, order a service, and message platform users. Check out the docs for more details.

Additionally, Freelancer has launched Android and Python SDKs to get started. Freelancer likes to compare its API to Uber: "Uber built the largest taxi company in the world without owning any cars. Could you build a bigger one without using any staff?" If your creative juices are flowing yet, check out some of the use cases under at its Disrupt the Disruptors site.

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