The FreightCenter API Delivers Savings and Transparency

The FreightCenter API makes it possible for e-commerce retailers and software developers to integrate freight rates, and book shipping as part of the check out process. Shipments can be tracked without ever leaving the retailer's website. The customer can choose from 25 of the leading freight providers in the U.S.

The API uses XML Web Service architecture and is Platform independent.

Founded in 1988 and based in the Tampa Bay area, notes in a June 2012 press release that it "has doubled the annual revenue it generates by helping more than a million shippers to secure volume-discounted freight pricing from reliable nationwide carriers. operates in Pasco County and generates all of its business through secure online freight shipping and logistics service transactions."

"Our business model is unique in that we hire in-house developers to create the freight software we use internally to process shipments, as well as license externally to businesses that need a method of managing inbound and outbound freight shipments," said Doug Walls, chief information officer for

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