French Mashup Traffic

Once again, Europe's interest in mashups was apparent at ProgrammableWeb as there's been a lot of international visitors here recently, this time courtesy of "Web 2.0: un site pour geeks et pour curieux".

There haven't been many French mashups here so far. Perhaps more will appear this year since maps are the major source of mashups for now and the major US-based mapping services are starting to give better European support.

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Just to precise the thing. The blog of Francis is not affiliated with "le monde" as you seem to suppose. The le monde average reader have no idea of this blog existence.

Nippo (a french reader of Programmable web and Pisani's blog)

Nippo, thanks for the clarification. I've updated the post accordingly. I'm surprised at the amount of traffic from Pisani's blog, it is higher than from many decent sized publications.

I'm seeing a lot of growth in Google Maps mashups in France since street mapping became available there.

Here is a French Google Maps mashup roundup:

To me, these are the key growth areas for mashups - places that do not have street data presently (Latin America), Mexico, SE Asia etc..