Freshdesk Unveils New Version of its API

This weekend, customer support software provider Freshdesk rolled out the latest version of its API. The Freshdesk API v2.0 aims to make it easier for developers to integrate with Freshdesk and offers developers access to features and functionality not available in the existing version of the API.

These features and functionality include higher rate limits, improved Error Handling and new API endpoints that allow allow developers to, among other things, manage their business hours, products, email configurations, and service level agreements (SLAs). In addition, Freshdesk has increased pagination limits, deprecated XML response support and to promote data security, now requires applications to interact with the v2.0 API via SSL.

According to Freshdesk's Vandana Guru, "We worked on API v2.0 with the goal of simplifying the whole development process and improving the overall experience for developers using Freshdesk APIs." Guru stated that the increased rate limits were in direct response to growing adoption of the company's API. "We had...been receiving a steady stream of requests for an increase in the rate limits," she explained, while noting that Freshdesk customers that still need more than the new limit of 5,000 requests per hour can obtain a higher limit by sending a request.

Freshdesk, which counts some 70,000 customers, is deprecating v1.0 API of its API but will keep it operational through September so that developers can migrate to v2.0. Perhaps in response to companies that have irked developers by implementing breaking changes on no or short notice, Freshdesk also announced that it is committed to providing 60 days notice to developers when such changes are going to be made.

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