FreshLime Announces Customer Connection API

FreshLime, a customer connection Platform, has announced an API for access to its platform. Through the API, users can integrate FreshLime directly into third party systems of all types: CRM, POS, Field Management, etc. Directly through these connected systems, users will be alerted when and how to connect with customers using FreshLime's cutting edge customer connection technology.

"We are thrilled to enter into a new decade with more ways for small businesses to extract additional value from their data," Jay Bean, FreshLime CEO, and founder commented in a press release. "Over the past couple of years, more than 320,000 data connections have been established for thousands of our customers...which gives us a unique perspective on the most meaningful interactions that drive value for small businesses. It is more important than ever for us to provide every CRM, POS, and Field Management software a simple way to seamlessly integrate with our Customer Connection Platform."

The key value proposition of the FreshLime platform is to prompt businesses to make timely and relevant connections. FreshLime creates customized playbooks for small businesses that empower those businesses with 1 to 1 engagements between business and customer. The end goal is to drive more business.

Through the API, third-party applications that contain a plethora of customer-specific data and connections will benefit from the FreshLime platform. Any SaaS-based platform can be enhanced with FreshLime's customer engagement tools. The data through which FreshLime operates is also available for Integration and tracking through the API. The API is RESTful.

No public Documentation is currently available. FreshLime will host a webinar demonstrating the API on January 28, 2020. Those interested can register here.

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