FreshMail API Provides All-in-One Email Marketing Functionality

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, FreshMail offers the whole package. Users are not only able to create emails from professional templates, but send and track the campaigns in real time as well. The FreshMail API gives developers access to this functionality.

FreshMail enables users to create emails using an intuitive template editor, without the need for HTML knowledge or complicated software. All templates are optimized to work on mobile devices, and there is the option to add like and share buttons for most social media platforms, as well as the ability to generate discount and promotion bar codes to be used in retail stores. The platform provides features that help users manage and update subscribers, providing in-depth activity profiles on each one. With the segmentation and targeting options, users will be able to fine-tune their marketing efforts further by sending personalized emails, triggered by a subscriber's behavior and recent activity. With Google Analytics integration, there's also the opportunity for users to gather valuable information from real-time reports.

The FreshMail API makes it possible for developers to create new campaigns, as well as send, delete or test existing ones. It can be used to receive campaign reports, including listing all campaigns, giving a cumulative overview of certain campaigns, and analyzing subscribers' behavior. Communication with the REST API works by sending HTTP requests and transferring the required data. Responses are sent in JSON. Authentication is required, and those who are interested can find more information on the FreshMail website.

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