Fugue Merges Fugue Platform and Fugue Risk Manager into Single SaaS Product

Fugue, a cloud infrastructure security and compliance provider, has announced that it has combined its Fugue Platform and Fugue Risk Manager into a single SaaS solution. The single solution, which combines cloud security, compliance, and software development life cycle under a single umbrella includes the new Fugue APITrack this API. Through the API, developers can integrate security and policy checks within their infrastructure.

"Fugue represents the evolution of our flagship product, but it's a revolution for enterprise cloud security and compliance," Fugue CEO, Phillip Merrick, commented in a press release. "As organizations expand their use of cloud, they need continuous visibility into their cloud environments, compliance assurance, and the ability to lock down security of critical data and resources. Fugue provides them with the automation tools they need to prevent cloud infrastructure misconfiguration and related data breaches while moving fast and supporting agility and innovation."

Fugue's new solution specifically targets four cloud use cases for the enterprise. First, Fugue aims to "shift left" for cloud security and compliance. Fugue accomplishes this through automating security and compliance through the Fugue API. Violations and vulnerabilities are automatically reported for a quick resolution. Second, Fugue establishes trust between stakeholders and baselines. Consider this aim a handshake agreement between teams regarding what should be running, visualizing this balance and understanding where resources are dedicated. Third, cloud resources are secured and armed with self-healing infrastructure. Fugue made name for itself with automated remediation technology, which is even more accessible now. Finally, the most update cloud compliance continues to prioritize Fugues offerings. Current compliance standards met include CIS AWS Foundation Benchmark, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, PC and SOC 2.

The new Fugue SaaS solution is currently available for all customers. Certain customers will have the ability to install their own managed environments as they currently run the Fugue Platform. 

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