FullContact Announces Next Generation Platform and Enrich API

FullContact, a contact management platform provider, has announced the release of the Next Generation Platform and new Enrich API. The new release of the platform includes more advanced querying capabilities and security improvements. The FullContact Enrich API makes it possible for organizations to gain a view of their contacts through a set of data packs. The choice of data packs includes (but not limited to) demographics, social networking affiliations, and descriptive attributes of firms (firmographics).

FullContact provides what it calls a Customer 360-Degree Platform built for developers that is powered by the company’s identity graph. Regarding the identity graph, FullContact CTO Scott Brave said in a prepared statement that "Even with tens of millions of updates to the graph per day, in our model we can completely recompute the entire identity graph within hours while maintaining the utmost accuracy."

The company provides a suite of customer intelligence APIs that developers can use to integrate platform capabilities and data with applications. A few examples of the APIs available include a Person API for getting people’s profiles, a Company API for getting company profiles, and a Card Reader API for converting a business card image into structured, textual contact data. The new Enrich API allows for simultaneous multiple attribute queries and features data subscriptions for updates delivered in real time.

"Many organizations have incomplete, inaccurate records for their contacts that prevent them from making smart business decisions with actionable customer insights. Enabling businesses to create meaningful relationships with their customers means providing them with the most accurate data in a way that’s easy to integrate," said FullContact CEO Bart Lorang in a prepared statement. "Our Next Generation platform was created for users that rely on up-to-date customer intelligence to impact their business."

For more information about new Enrich API and to request early access, visit the official company website.

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