Fun Mashups: Zombies, Monsters and Comics

ZazzleThere are thousands of Web APIs now available on ProgrammableWeb. More and more developers are using Web APIs to create very useful web applications and mashups. Some developers are using Web APIs to create mashups that are just plain fun. This post features a few really creative, entertaining mashups.

Weather Zombie

You'll never want to go back to reading plain, boring weather information again after visiting Weather Zombie. This creative mashup uses the AccuWeather API to provide location based weather information with the help of zombies!

There is also an iPhone App available that features zombie forecasters, zombified weather icons, location detection by GPS or internet connection, radar for the United States and most of Canada and much more.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the Weather Zombie Mashup
Visit the Official Weather Zombie Website

Weather Zombie

Weather Zombie

Me Make Monster!

Me Make Monster! is a really fun mashup that uses the Zazzle API. This mashup allows users to create their very own custom monster and then have it printed on custom Zazzle products such as t-shirts, mugs and bags. Users can save their monster as a downloadable image as well. You can make all kinds of imaginative monsters with Me Make Monster! View some sample monster t-shirts.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the Me Make Monster! Mashup
Visit the Official Me Make Monster! Website

Make Me Monster Design Interface

Make Me Monster Zazzle Products

Comic Pool

Comic Pool is a brand new mashup that features free online comics from across the web. The APIs it uses are Google search, AviarySuite and Facebook. There are a variety of different types of comics featured on the site such as Doghouse Diaries's, Ends n Means and Jason Love.

Read the ProgrammableWeb Listing for the Comic Pool Mashup
Visit the Official Comic Pool Website

Comic Pool

These mashup examples show that Web APIs can be used to create useful mashups as well as mashups that are a whole lot of fun!

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