Prefers a Responsive Design

When Nate Drouin, the founder and CEO of, first sat down with Dustin Dulginow of Atlas Venture he had already finished development of the Iphone/Ipad applications (the API came later). That lunch meeting must have gone well because Atlas Venture later became one of the investors that contributed to a $1.2 million round of seed money for the startup.

Fast forward one year and Drouin has shifted his emphasis from Mobile apps to a “responsive” website design. In fact, no longer has a mobile application. In an interview with the Boston Business Journal Nate stated that:

"Our message to other startups is, don't get sucked into the app store fake-dream," he said. "Look at your options."

After the redesign the new website, which allows users to create a fundraising profile and accept donations, is optimized for viewing across all platforms. also has an API that provides access to an accounts database, allowing developers to retrieve information about donors, events, organizations, and more in JSON formats.

The API is one of 9 donation APIs and 679 social APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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