The Fusebill API: Lighting Up Subscription Growth

Fusebill, a specialist in providing tools for businesses that bill by subscription, now makes its services available through the Fusebill API. According to a review of Fusebill on the Business2Community website, the idea is to take the pain out of billing for large subscription based businesses--so the business can concentrate on the essentials of delivering their content or service, and marketing it:

"To understand Fusebill, it is important to understand the solution’s role in the billing ecosystem. It automates recurring billing, invoicing, and credit card collections for subscription businesses and offers a complete billing and subscriber management system that meets a broad range of needs. Fusebill lets you implement pricing and discounting schemes, from simple to complex; and manage the subscriber life-cycle from sign-up until cancellation. You can also created a customer Portal and hosted checkout pages."

According to the API documentation, the API is SOAP requiring a time-based auth key. A free Sandbox account and test gateway lets you build out the application before going live, and test improvements.

From billing and invoicing to credit card payments, from account management to mobile payments to reporting metrics, Fusebill covers the entire financial end of the relationship with the customer. Using web hooks, once the customer is created in Fusebill, the webhook informs a downstream system to start delivering a service. Webhooks are also used when a customer changes status (upgrades or cancels, for example).

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