Futurelytics API: Know Your Customers to Give Them What They Want

Do you know what's relevant to your customer? Having 100 customers means you know there are 100 different answers. Futurelytics, whose mission is, "Let's make Data Science available to everyone," has released an API that aims at making sure each of your offerings is of maximum relevance to each customer. The RESTful Futurelytics API brings these predictive analytic features to your applications through JSON responses.

The Documentation for the API runs on Apiary.io Futurelytics pulls data from multiple databases such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Sugarcrm, and Shopify. The company uses  SSL connections for encrypting data and secure delivery. Think of this as a four-step process for handling that data.

The first step is quantifying the value of each customer with a predictive score. This gives a chance to do upsell opportunity analysis. Segmenting them  as VIP, loyal, one-time and (gasp!) lost lends an indispensable clarity. A product recommendation engine helps you figure our who should be offered what, using the companys' "In-Game Recommendation Algortism. (OGRA)."  From there you can take highly differentiated action, giving different answers to those 100 customers. After all, as they put it, "All customers are not equal."

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