FXCubic Introduces Real-time Markup API

FXCubic, a trading technology provider, has introduced a real-time bridge markup API. The API targets high volume brokers and traders. Through the API, users gain access to market data calculations and can adjust their markups in real-time according to an algorithm of choice.

“We believe this is truly groundbreaking, as this kind of technology has never been accessible to the vast majority of brokers, Ege Kozan, FXCubic CEO, commented in a press release. "When used right, such technology can have a big impact on a broker’s profitability, so we are expecting our clients to take full advantage of this new tool and apply it to their business very rapidly.”

With the API, users can React to market changes in their books automatically. Exposure is monitored and calculated on an ongoing basis. When certain thresholds and predefined metrics are hit, markups are adjusted for each independent instrument.

FXCubic has not currently published public API docs for the new API. For an overview of all FXCubic's technology, visit its technology site. Those interested can see more details at the platform and architecture sites.

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