Gain Complete Control of Your App with the Traffic Monitor API

When relying on APIs for specific functionality, staying in complete control of your app can be tricky. Most developers can identify with the frustration of dealing with a broken app because an API provider decided to change things. The availability of various APIs is such a great thing for the development of new and exciting applications, but there needs to be a better way to monitor the uptime, updates and changes to these APIs. That's what APItools aims to achieve with its Traffic Monitor API.

The Traffic Monitor API allows users to track, monitor and analyze the traffic between an app and the APIs it uses. It works from two perspectives: for the API provider to analyze and gain insights into each request and response flowing in and out of its system, and for apps that depend on APIs to analyze and detect problems with those APIs. Users can gain valuable insights and store traces to access whenever necessary. They can also ensure that their apps are always in good shape by configuring alerts that will notify them when there are any API changes or issues. 

The API is written in Lua and is available open source on GitHub. Users will need a key to gain access, and this is available in the user account settings. The API is still in beta, and the folks at APItools encourage users to try it out and get in touch if there are any problems. Further information is available on the APItools website.

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