In-Game Product Placement Advertising Without The Complicated Stuff: MediaSpike API

Native advertising is the way forward when it comes to engaging users with products, and in-game product placements is a highly effective way to engage users in the world of social, mobile and free-to-play video games. With the help of MediaSpike, brands can easily put relevant and targeted product placement into any social or mobile game. The selling point is that the service is aimed at both advertisers and developers, and that it has been built by actual game developers who understand the ins and outs of game advertising, removing many of the hindrances that may normally be associated with this process. The MediaSpike API makes this functionality available to developers.


Advertisers can benefit from these native product placements as they have access to highly relevant and engaged users, and ads in games can increase money spent on brands by 24%. Developers can benefit as it's a lucrative alternative to banner ads and a great way to supplement revenue. MediaSpike simplifies the whole process and makes this a realistic option for both advertisers and developers. The service makes it simple for advertisers to make use of an available placement and to preview and approve that placement before the game goes live. The service also makes it extremely simple for developers to make these interactive placements available, to approve individual ads before they go live and to provide reports on the ad efficacy.

The MediaSpike JavaScript API is designed to provide a lightweight interface with MediaSpike's product placement service. More information is available on MediaSpike's website.

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[...] MediaSpike helps brands put in-game product placements into the world of social, mobile, and free to play games. Developers receive another revenue stream to monetize their free games while advertisers receive the added benefit of reaching highly relevant and engaged users. The MediaSpike API simply makes this functionality available for developers to integrate into their games. To learn more about the MediaSpike API visit the MediaSpike site as well as the MediaSpike API blog post. [...]