GameStop Uses Google Maps APIs to Create Virtual Monster Hunt

Leading video game retailer GameStop approached marketing and promotions agency The Marketing Arm to build some PR around the upcoming release of the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The marketing firm decided to promote the action role-playing game by creating a virtual monster hunt in real locations, writes guest blogger Tom Edwards for Google Geo Developers Blog.

Once visitors log in to the promotional website, the Google Maps JavaScript API is used to drop them into the virtual world at a randomly generated starting point based on 5 predefined locations. Calls are made to the API to check whether there are any monsters within a predefined range based on the LatLng of the monster data set.

The site then uses the Google Street View service to allow users to navigate these real locations in search of clues, with event listeners looking out for a position_changed event that initiates more calls to the API with the updated coordinates. As users move around in search of clues, the API calls are repeated until a monster is within range, with images of the monsters overlaid onto the real surroundings and each monster offering an opportunity to win a prize.

The Marketing Arm took advantage of Google Maps APIs’ quick Integration and ease-of-use, which allowed them to focus on the creative side of building a virtual monster hunt in real surroundings.

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GameStop launches a monster hunt to promote The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Google Maps APIs