GameUp API Expands Login Options For Game Developers

GameUp, cloud-based game server for developers, has updated its API to offer developers more options for logging into a particular app. GameUp provides many features that online gamers have come to expect (e.g. social, competitive, interactive, etc.) through the GameUp API or one of its SDKs. The new login functionality lets developers choose between anonymous login, GameUp login, social token login, or a combination of the various login options. 

GameUp was launched as a distributed gamer server platform as a service. The service allows developers to concentrate on building game-specific features while GameUp takes care of more basic functionality. GameUp was designed with a device agnostic approach. GameUp's APIs and SDKs can support any internet-enabled device. Its open approach fits well in an industry that continues to release new gaming technology such as VR and AR devices and wearables. Speaking to the importance of API-centric design, Chris Molozian, GameUp's CEO, told ProgrammableWeb that:

Games are becoming more social, more connected, and online competitive features are a critical part of the gaming experience. An API-centric approach enables us to respond to new social environments and advances in gaming technology very quickly.

The GameUp API is RESTful and calls are returned in a JSON data format. The entire GameUp service is available through the API. Functionality includes social login, gamer profiles, cloud game storage, and much much more. To learn more, visit the API docs.

Gaming Technology continues to advance at a rapid speed. Keeping up in today's environment requires speed, scalability, and flexibility. To meet these demands, Molozian explained that:

We work directly with our developer community; new features are added in direct response to developer feedback. Every new feature is built to integrate seamlessly with existing features. We work in weekly development cycles and our fully automated test and deployment process upgrades our entire infrastructure in minutes, all with zero downtime.

GameUp developed an API approach to address the needs of modern game developers. The recent options added to login functionality serve as a straight-forward example of how GameUp can relieve developers of massive code changes for basic functionality updates.

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