Gartner’s Cycle Projects Inflated Dreams of The IoT

The analyst firm Gartner has put the internet of things (IoT) on the top of their annually released hype cycle, a 5 step process outlining the path of technological trends from inception to stable consumer adoption. What this means, according to Gartner, is that IoT is the top inflated tech industry currently in development.

According to Gartner, the realization of having all newly made consumer electronics internet-enabled could still be 10 years in the future. Roadblocks ahead for the IoT include a severe lack of standardization in backend protocols, making immediate widespread adoption difficult to forsee. Other tech memes such as Natural-Language Question Answering, Wearable User Interfaces, and Speech-to-Speech Translation are closely matched in the amount of current enthusiasm.  

As bubbles burst, newly paths are refined that help technology proceed to a stable & widely accessible juncture. Hopefully the IoT will eventually mimic the adoption of Speech Recognition, an industry that has safely arrived to Gartner's “Plateau of Productivity.”

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'Internet of things' is the most over-hyped technology, say analysts