Gecko Landmarks is Changing the Face of the Mapping Industry

Gecko Landmarks is working on an easier way of giving directions. The theory behind their madness is that “everyone thinks in landmarks”. They took this idea and ran with it. In fact they have run all over the world with this idea. They have now collected landmark data for every country in the world. Most of this data is now available in the Gecko Landmarks API.

Gecko Landmarks provides services that go further than landmark based mapping. They also provide personal and professional tracking services and Textor, which is an sms application that provides directions using landmarks.

The Gecko Landmarks API is designed for mobile internet companies that could use landmark data to allow their users access to easy to understand location information. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON, KML, KMZ and CSV.

The Gecko Landmarks API is one of 140 locations APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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