Publicly Launches API

Geeklist offers developers an online haven to present their work, connect with other developers, and gain credit for achievements. Geeklist's lean staff proudly states that Geeklist was "[b]uilt by developers, for developers... we make geeks lives better every day." The API allows developers to create their own applications and services and retrieve any needed data from the Geeklist database. The API has remained in private beta since the Geeklist's original launch, but will open to the public with a 48-hour hackathon from November 30 - December 3.

In its young life, Geeklist has attracted more than 50,000 developers who represent more than 5,000 companies. The strong development base has logged more than 500,000 activities in the Geeklist database. Geeklist co-founders, Chris Sanz and Reuben Katz, hope that the API launch will allow Geeklist developers monetize the contributions they have made to the Geeklist community.

The Geeklist API uses OAuth v1.0 for Authentication and access to Geeklist data. Data is returned in a JSON format. Developers can access almost all data within the Geeklist database (including links, cards, users, follow, etc.) free of charge and Geeklist intends to keep it that way.

Geeklist has received praise from industry leaders who applaud Geeklist for its mission and support its efforts through sponsorship. For example, Adobe Senior Engineering Manager (Kevin Stewart) commented: " has a fantastic community of developers who truly care about their craft. These are the type of people my team and I want to work with day in and day out. They share our values." Artist and architects carry around large, bound portfolios to show off their accomplishments. Developers tout an online portfolio, and it sits at Geeklist. Developers interested in participating in the API launch hackathon can register for more information.

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