Geist Leverages APIs in Next-Generation Data Center PDUs

API Report this week announced the release of Geist’s next-generation platform, available in their R-series Power Distribution Units (PDUs). With the importance of a complete Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system covering power, cooling, monitoring, and management, Geist’s latest platform is a welcome tool for customers.

The DevOps capabilities of the new platform offers cloud service providers and enterprise customers complete automation and integration via a JSON RESTful Web API or custom scripts using the command-line interface (CLI) over Secure Shell (SSH). Enterprise features also include Active Directory integration, IPv6 increased logging capacity, and improved monitoring, reporting, and user experience.

As a leading provider of data center management solutions, Geist’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Durkin, believes this new technology will cement their position at the forefront of the smart PDU industry. “We’re offering our customers unbeatable value with more choices and functionality at the same price,” said Durkin.

Geist Data Center Solutions Group Executive Vice President, Brad Wilson, stressed the importance of a top-of-the-line managed PDU for forward-thinking organizations. “Customers need the reporting and alerting that Geist PDUs provide to ensure safe power-usage thresholds are maintained, redundancy of the power circuits will work as expected in an event of a failure, and power outlets can be managed at the port level in-band and out-of-band,” he said. “Geist PDUs deliver this and much more with the latest upgrade.”

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Geist Unveils Next Generation Data Center Power Distribution Units With APIs