GENBAND offers new PaaS, Kandy

Today, GENBAND launches Kandy: a real-time communications software development Platform. Kandy aims to combine the simplicity of web and mobile app development with enterprise grade real-time communications features. Leading up the Kandy's launch, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Paul Pluschkell; GENBAND's Executive Vice President, Strategy and Cloud Services; to learn more.

Kandy Concierge App

To start, we wanted to know why GENBAND developed and launched Kandy. Was there a particular problem GENBAND aimed to solve? Pluschkell responded:

"With Kandy, we have designed a comprehensive platform to allow anyone from developers to non-developers to take advantage of real-time communications at any touch point within minutes. With a simple cut-and-paste of pre-built code, our customers can embed real-time video, voice, presence and text into their existing web and mobile applications to connect customers, employees and even products (IoT). Workplace communications are becoming increasingly complex. Every time an employee logs in, there seems to be more applications that he or she is required to use and more communications streams to keep up with. That's why we created Kandy. Kandy is all about helping companies build communications that are more integrated and immediate - built right into the way their customers and employees are working. Just like we all do on our mobile devices in our personal lives."

Kandy enters the market as a Platform as a Service Framework that includes APIs, SDKs and quick start, pre-built applications. Examples of the pre-built applications include video shopping assistance, live customer service button, instant multi-party video and more. GENBAND believes there is no other offering like Kandy on the market, and has big plans for Kandy. Because Kandy combines an unmatched level of simplicity with enterprise grade features, GENBAND casts a wide net in its go to market strategy. GENBAND will target service providers, ISVs, systems integrators, enterprises, and developers as part of Kandy's launch. GENBAND also has a unique go to market strategy to get Kandy in the hands of its target audience. Pluschkell explained:

"Kandy's one-of-a-kind subscription-based model allows customers to add bits of Kandy based on their specific needs. It's a perfect wrapper - meaning that Kandy's community can easily create real-time communications experiences (web and mobile) with our "Kandy" in the middle - and without risk. This consumption-based model is able to scale up, or down, based on the customer's requirements. Out of the box, the Kandy platform offers quick starts, APIs, and SDKs, which means IT departments and developers can design and deploy real-time video, text, and voice within their mobile and web applications faster than ever before. Business stakeholders outside of IT can access Kandy's quick start pre-built code without the need to program. And service providers can take new apps to market in weeks vs. years."

GENBAND launches Kandy after a successful beta trial across a number of industries. GENBAND recently demoed Kandy at its recent Perspectives14 summit. At the summit, SAP demoed Kandy's click-to-call, click-to-video chat, and instant messaging features within SAP's CRM offering. Additional beta partners included Toy Genius and Atlas Communications who both used real-time communications in custom applications. 

 Kandy launches today. Learn more at the Kandy launch site. The GENBAND team will host a launch event tonight at San Francisco's Ruby Skye


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