General Motors to Launch Remote API

General Motors plans to launch the General Motors Remote API later this year. The API will allow developers to build apps that remotely interact with GM vehicles. The gamut of potential apps includes everything from security related features to vehicle diagnostics.

GM Director of Developer Ecosystems, Nick Pudar, commented:

“We have developed and designed connected vehicles and with that connectivity there’s tremendous range of what can be done with them…an embedded system is the only way to enable apps that can interact with the vehicle remotely.”

GM’s developer community has grown since the auto giant created it. From OnStar to multiple developer conferences, GM is committed to the next generation of car technology. The Remote API exemplifies this dedication as it allows users to track, control, and maintain cars from any web connected device.

The Remote API uses HTTP and returns calls in a JSON data format. Three categories of commands and data will be available through the API (i.e. vehicle commands, subscriber data, and vehicle data). For specific API methods, visit the API site.

Like most everything these days, cars are connected. Soon, car owners will assume web features when shopping for a car. Accordingly, a new set of developers specializing in the automotive industry has engendered. With new access methods like the Remote API, GM will sit as a focal point and go to source for this new breed of developers.

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