Genetically Modified API Established By Decree

How would you like to work with an API supported by international law?  The Biosafety Clearing-House is an international organization which facilitates the exchange of information on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  It was created as the result of a treaty called the Categena Protocol on Biosafety.  Mechanisms for discussion and approval of the transport of GMOs across international borders are laid down in that treaty.  Part of the way in which the clearing house fulfills its mission is through its Biosafety Clearing-House API.

Now there is a bit of a terminology change.  Though the vast majority of the public who are aware of organisms created through biotechnology describe such organisms as genetically modified, the clearing house labels them living modified organisms (LMOs).  Why this change in terminology is necessary is not immediately clear.

California citizens, who will consider a new food labeling law in November, must have heard plenty on the issue of genetically modified organisims (GMOs). If California citizens approve proposition 37, it would be the first labeling law here in the US.  Meanwhile, GMO labelling has been the law of the land in the EU since 1997.  What better time for California citizens to work with an API for data on GMOs?

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