Read-Write Mapping now with Media Layers and iPhone SDK

It's been less than a month since Mixer Labs released the first version of its read/write location API, formerly know as the TownMe GeoAPI. Now Mixer Labs has rebranded the TownMe GeoAPI as and released several new features as part of the rebranding.

As you may have read in our previous coverage, the TownMe GeoAPI enables developers to access a variety of data based on spatial queries (e.g., find a bar near San Francisco) and it also allows developers to create private 'layers' to store data for a specific location or locations. Although this capability is not new (see for example the Shizzow and Google Maps Data APIs), it is good to see that the write capabilities are included with an API targeted at developers working with location-based services.

GeoAPI Flickr

The new API includes a net new web site and several additional features that are highlighted on the blog:

  • domain. We are re-launching and re-branding as to make it easy for developers to find and access information about the Mixer Labs GeoAPI.
  • Media Layers. We have added the ability to search additional media layers such as Twitter and Flickr by geo-location.
  • Attribute search on entities. We make it even easier to search our API for businesses or POI across multiple categories or attributes.
  • Tiny URLs and Link Open Data for places. We have added the tiny URL domain to provide a short hand by which you can canonically refer to locations based on our GUIDs. This means a single entity will always be findable within the Framework we provide.
  • iPhone SDK. We have added a Library to make it easy for developers to use our API in your iPhone app.
  • Higher Queries Per Day limits. We have raised our QPD from 5,000 to 20,000.
  • Intersection Data. We have added data for over 10 million intersections in the USA. You can see a sample view of an intersection here inluding nearby Tweets and Flickr photos.

Documentation for the new API is available, as well as several demos that showcase how to use some of the new features, including a "Media Layers" map mashup and a "What's Near Me" JavaScript app for the iPhone. Note that a developer key is required to access the RESTful API.
GeoAPI iPhone

Geo/mapping APIs continue to be popular in our mashup directory, and we're looking forward to seeing some new mashups and apps that use Mapping continues to be the most popular category, with over 96 APIs listed in our API Directory.

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