GeoIQ Relaunches with First Location Analytics Platform

You know all those mobile applications you use? There's important data behind where and when you use it. With Titanium+Geo, that data becomes accessible. The new Platform for location analytics is a partnership from Appcelerator and FortiusOne, providers of the GeoIQ API that collects and displays the data.

FortiusOne will officially launch the platform today at the Location-Based Marketing Summit. Its press release explains the platform's approach:

Titanium+Geo combines internal data (such as coupons, customer databases and location information), with external data (such as Twitter, demographic and competitive information) to create actionable data (such as running a promotion, selling advertising, or opening a new location).

Appcelerator is an open source, cross platform mobile app development solution. It eases the process of creating native applications, such as iPhone apps. And now, it also helps developers collect location data.

Where Titanium+Geo becomes most useful is in analyzing the data. That's where GeoIQ, a geographic data and visualization tool that, according to FortiusOne's CEO Frank Moyer, is also used by U.S. intelligence agencies. Appcelerator adds the data via GeoIQ's API, which was re-tooled this week. The GeoIQ API can also be used to access the data, in addition to using FortiusOne's online tools for data visualization.

Titanium+Geo may be the first location analytics platform, but it certainly won't be the last. There's too much useful data inside our mobile usage. And developers know this. Appcelerator's recently-released mobile developer report, for example, shows that 42% of those surveyed are interested in geo-analytics. For location-based businesses, built on top of mobile applications, to reach their potential, we'll need to have access to the data and find the meaning within it. Titanium+Geo, along with the GeoIQ API, is taking the first step toward that reality.

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