Geoloqi Adds Location to Your Mobile Applications

Location is all the rage these days, especially in the mobile world. Geoloqi and its location-sharing Geoloqi API allow developers to easily integrate location awareness into their applications. Its Geofencing API is especially neat, as it allows developers to add triggers based on locations, time, and travel speed, or any combination of the three. It just launched a new site in an effort to reach out to more developers.

From the Geoloqi announcement:

Why use the Geoloqi Platform? It’s ideal for development teams and entrepreneurs who want to build real-time location sharing or geofencing features into new or existing applications. You can can use the Geoloqi platform to monitor user locations and send messages based on activity, build location-aware applications that work on top of popular APIs such as Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, and send messages to users when they are near a location at a certain time of day, or are travelling at a certain speed.

The API is pay-per-use, but during development free access is available. For access, you're going to need to log in with your Twitter account to access an API Key. Once you do, you can play with the API to your heart's content. It's RESTful, supporting OAuth2 draft 10 for Authentication. Everything flows through HTTPS, which helps make it far more secure than plain HTTP.

Gbanga PuppetmasterThe methods allow you to create places, connect notes to places, and create message triggers, allowing your application to send messages to users who fit the given parameters. This could be really amazing for mobile advertising, such as giving a user within the area offers from local businesses. It could also be used to make alternate reality games along the lines of Gbanga, which we covered previously.

I really look forward to seeing what cool mashups start using this API. Location is still a growing field, and there's certainly room for a well-written API like this.

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