Geoloqi Adds Powerful Location Module to Appcelerator

Cross Platform Development Tools have been steadily gaining adoption among developers. Geoloqi, a platform for location-based services has tapped into one such platform, Appcelerator to provide a powerful location services component that aims to make life easier for developers who have adopted Appcelerator and are planning to provide location awareness in their applications.

Writing a location based mobile application is not easy. Often people think it is about getting a latitude / longitude and providing some context aware data/action based on the retrieved location. One of the frequent complaints from users of location based applications is their high battery consumption and also lack of accurate contextual data. With Geoloqi taking care of this in their module, developers can hope to focus on their application functionality.

The Geoloqi Geotrigger module for Titanium Appcelerator provides a complete toolkit for real-time tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing and storage. It performs battery management through its algorithms that know how to turn GPS on and off, thereby preserving battery life. It provides a facade over location sources like GPS, Carrier Signals and Wifi to provide you with tracking, coupled with a cloud storage solution to track all the location data. One of the key features here is defining geo fences that can then be configured to push messages to your application, once the target goes in and out of the geo fence.

The Geoloqi Geotrigger Module for Titanium Appcelerator is available free for a two month trial period for developers who download it between now and June 30, 2012. Once the trial is over, pricing plans start at $19/month and upwards, depending on the number of Geotriggers and push messages that you need.

Last month, we covered the release of Titanium 2.0, the latest version of Appcelerator, that provides a unified Mobile SDK to write native, hybrid and web apps along with various Cloud Services that you could integrate into.

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