The Geonotes App for iPhone and Android has arrived

The Geonotes app is built on the Geoloqi API and is an extension of the Geoloqi demo app, taking advantage of the battery and accuracy improvements in the new SDK (software development kit). The app also provides users with access to free geo layers that the folks at Geoloqi spend their time making.

Here's what it can do:

  • Geonotes are location-based reminders that users can activate in order to set reminders that are associated with specific locations. For example, a user can set a reminder to buy milk and eggs every time they are in their shopping location.
  • Layers provide location-based content. These are plugins to the Geonotes app that provide the user with information on a specific location. There are many of these layers available, such as:

    • A Wikipedia layer which provides links to articles and brief descriptions on locations that have Wikipedia pages. A great way to learn more about a new city while walking around.
    • A layer that notifies the user about nearby areas that have experienced earthquakes.
    • A Pinball Map layer which notifies a user when they walk near a location that has Pinball machines.
  • An activity stream on the app displays all geonotes and layer notifications.

In a nutshell, the new Geonotes app allows users to add location information to their everyday life without their device's battery suffering the consequences.

As it's based on the Geoloqi Platform API, developers are free to use the content as they require. They also have the option to use Geoloqi’s developer tools to create their own layers to add new geo-location content.

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