German Newspaper DIE ZEIT launches API

At the beginning of the year we were wondering "how many newspapers have an API". Now it is at least one more, and even more exciting - it is an international one! DIE ZEIT, the market leader among Germany’s weekly newspapers, is entering the API world by launching the beta phase of its ZEIT ONLINE Content API.

Despite its long tradition - DIE ZEIT was founded in February 1946 - the newspaper is presenting itself as anything but old fashioned, as it starts its initiative in a time where the discussion about paywalls, copyright protection, and the declines of daily newspaper subscriptions is tenser than ever in Germany.

webevangelisten termfrequency chart

The API launched last Friday, and by Sunday evening the developer blog of the company was already reporting (in German) many interesting applications like the term frequency chart (see a sample chart below for the term "Internet") or the election atlas which highlights ZEIT articles per electoral districts.

After requesting an access key, the API lets you search for articles, authors, departments, journalistic series and keywords. It comes with a licence for non-commercial use, and the full content of the articles is currently not available. As a side note for the international hackers, the API documentation is in English, so hack away.

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