Get The Best Business Advice With Clarity

Clarity is a mobile-based network that connects entrepreneurs seeking solid advice with the industry professionals who are more than qualified to give it. With the Clarity API user information from the company's app is made available for Integration.

Clarity is specifically designed to benefit both parties; it helps those just starting out to connect with people who can really help them, and it also provides a quick and convenient solution for busy businessmen who don't have a lot of time to spare, but would like to share their advice.

The idea to create the Clarity app was sparked out of Dan Martell's (Clarity founder and CEO) need to find the balance between helping people who are starting out the same way he did, and not getting bombarded by requests. He says, “We’re essentially trying to provide these really valuable 15-30 minute calls that provide insight, most CEOs either want to do in person, or second best is ‘Here’s my number, call me,’ which I’d love to do if I wasn’t scared to have people just texting me at all times of the day.”

It's a simple process:

  • Clarity allows advisors to register on the site and provide a number they can be reached at. This number is not visible to the users wanting to make contact with them, so their privacy is protected.
  • Users seeking advice can simply click on a link that allows them to leave a call-back number and a reason for wanting to speak with that particular advisor.
  • Advisors receive an automated call telling them who's trying to get in touch and why.
  • Advisors can choose to call the person back right away, or they can add the query to their queue to address at a later stage.
  • Advisors can charge for their time.

Beyond its advice-giving features, Clarity founders also envision the tool having a much broader appeal in the future. For example, it could Function as a kind of 'personal assistant' for mobile workers, allowing easy communication with clients, media and more.

The API exposes user information and profile functionality. It is RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

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