Get Embed Code for Videos and More With One API Call

No need to send your users off to get embed code, the snippet of text needed to include videos and other rich media in a web page. All you need is the original URL to the content and returns the HTML you need, along with plenty of other useful meta-data. And it supports an impressive list of over 100 sites.

The service, which was part of an API-heavy Y Combinator class, takes its simplicity seriously. It doesn't even require registration or an API key. Just start sending it URLs and it will start sending embed code.'s API sandbox is especially cool, because it shows the data you get back, as well as how to make the call. It's taking the copy-paste culture of embeddable sharing and expanding it to almost to be copy-paste programming.

And the team must be doing something right, because Techcrunch reported it just landed another $250,000 in funding, quite a bit beyond its initial seed round from Y Combinator.

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