Get Fashionable With NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012

Have an eye for fashion, live in NYC and love hacking APIs? If yes, then NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012 is tailor made just for you. The event is hosted by Gilt Groupe, Tumblr and Apigee and developers with the most fashion conscious project built with future plans stand to win awards and support to move their project forward.

The NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012 will be held on June 16 at the Gilt Groupe HQ in New York City. The event runs the entire day, comprising of lunch and dinner with presentation and awards at the end of the day. To cap it all, there is also an after event party.

The Gilt Groupe provides an online shopping site that offers daily dails on a variety of merchandise. They also provide an API that gives you access to data like product information, images, transactions and much more. The Tumblr API makes it easy for anyone to share information on the web. Apigee is a leading API Management company that provide API tools to help companies build out their API services. Chances are there could be an API explorer that helps you exercise the Gilt Groupe API and Tumblr API. Apigee also plans to bring along a range of mobile devices to help you test out your application.

Seats are limited for the event and a full schedule will be available later at the site. So hurry up and register for the NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012.

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