Get Hyper-Local Weather Data with the ClimaCell Micro Weather API

ClimaCell, a weather technology company, has announced the launch of its Micro Weather API which provides access to historical and real-time weather data for U.S. locations (global data coming soon). The ClimaCell Platform is powered by a proprietary GPU-powered engine and weather model, and it uses hypersensing technologies such as wireless networks to provide ground-level weather data.

The ClimaCell Micro Weather API returns a number of weather data requests including historical weather, real-time weather, short-term forecast (nowcast), heatmap tiled image, and a rectangular grid of weather details. Among the weather parameters returned by the API are temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, visibility, and barometric pressure. The company plans on adding in the near future morning and evening 7-day text-­based paragraph forecasts and a 16-day detailed parametrized forecast.

According to the company website, ClimaCell provides hyper-local weather data that is updated "to the minute." Among the key features of the ClimaCell platform and Micro Weather API are spatial zoom, ground-level sensing, and nowcast. Spatial zoom tracks weather down to a 500-meter view. Ground-level sensing tracks weather at altitudes of 30 feet and above. And nowcast is a proprietary weather model that forecasts weather minute by minute for up to 6 hours out.

"Our mission is to map all of the weather data in the world to build the default micro weather engine for the new economy," said ClimaCell founder and CEO Shimon Elkabetz, in a prepared statement. "Ride-sharing services, travel apps, autonomous cars; these industries all need to have a new kind of weather API that delivers more granular data and can forecast out every minute for the next 6 hours, versus just every hour."

For more information about the ClimaCell platform and Micro Weather API, visit

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