Get Hyperlocal News via the API

Popular "hyperlocal" news and information service recently released an API (our API Profile) that provides developers with a way to access up-to-the-minute, location-based news. Based on its “news around you” feature, Radar, the API provides access to various types of information, including the latest news stories, blog posts, Twitter tweets and more located within 1,000 feet of a specific location.

As John Geraci, one of's co-founders, explains:

There are so many ways you could apply this API. In particular, this calls out for use in the exploding field of mobile applications. Building a mobile app that gives users content based on their current location? Make it better by adding the news around them from the API. Or local news sites could develop on it: want to give your readers a little bit of really local news? Tap into the API and deliver a unique local experience for each one of them. Or add local content to your Facebook app, your Twitter app, or just about any other social/status software.

The RESTful API returns content in both XML and JSON format, and there is no API Key required ( also states that they have kept the terms of service very simple). Head over to the API portal for more information, including an overview of the API, technical Documentation, and a video of the developers explaining the API. The developers also created,, a proof of concept that showcases some of the API's capabilities. Here's a sample XML response for a query near Portland, Oregon.

The news space is a small but growing segment of the APIs included in our API directory. This API adds an interesting touch by going hyperlocal and mashing up content from various providers (the API itself is a mashup of sorts). Other news APIs that we have recently covered at ProgrammableWeb include APIs from The New York Times, NPR, Reuters, and Daylife.

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