Get People Talking About Your Content With Popyoular's API

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and businesses (not to mention the consumers), can benefit greatly from helpful reviews. Popyoular is an editorial review-based recommendation and discovery Platform. It's aimed specifically at film, music, books and games. The idea is to connect a website's good content with trusted reviews and opinions about that content, helping to keep users engaged and directing them to things they may otherwise have overlooked. Popyoular's API makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality into any other website.


Popyoular's selling point is that it brings the right reviews to the most relevant place, at the most relevant time, thereby improving content discovery on a website, improving a user's experience, retaining their attention and ultimately boosting conversion rates. With its structured review data, Popyoular makes it possible to do things like create top lists and playlists to specifications, build dynamic categories for user exploration, highlight certain products, filter product selections and more.


The Popyoular RESTful API is designed to be easy to use with as much flexibility as possible, and returns data in XML, JSON or JSONP formats. For API Documentation and access to an API Key, developers can head to Popyoular's website.

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