Get Real-time in the Pusher API Challenge

Pusher has just announced a new competition that challenges developers with the task of adding cool engaging realtime features to an application using the Pusher API. Winning apps will get prizes that include an 11 inch Macbook Air and a ticket to the Keeping it Realtime Conference.

Pusher (disclosure: the author works for the company) believes you can massively improve the User Experience and engagement of your existing applications by adding real-time functionality. This challenge hopes to prove to developers just how quick and easy it can be to do this using Pusher's API. All you have to do to enter is add real-time functionality to an application, new or old, and then tell Pusher about the fantastic new feature you've added, and how it's improved your application. Every single entry will also get a Pusher t-shirt.

If you are looking for inspiration about the sort of functionality you can add to your app in order to enter the contest then the Pusher examples page is a good place to start. It shows services like CloudApp using Pusher for user notifications, Slideshare for user interaction and discussion around hosted presentations, for realtime collaborative coding, for engaging realtime website analytics and many more.

The Pusher Challenge Entry Page

The deadline for entry is 12 midnight GMT on Sunday 16th Oct (other timezones). So sign up now while there's still (real) time.

For more ways to win, check out the ProgrammableWeb contests page.

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