Get Your Head--and Enterprise--in the Cloud Fast with the Cloud CMS API

The RESTful Cloud CMS API gives JSON responses and integrates the Cloud Content Management System to your data to make it accessible through the standard range of devices running Android, iOS, and Java, Ruby and PHP web environments with mobile-friendly HTTP services. Drivers are provided for JavaScript, JQuery, Sencha, iOS, Android, Java, NodeJS, Titanium and PhoneGap. Authorization is the standard OAuth2.

Cloud CMS offers content management, identity management, security and multitenancy.

Mike Johnston at CMS Critic explains Cloud CMS's services to get you up and running quickly.

The Cloud CMS Platform aims to provide all of the Back-end, enterprise-class infrastructure and services your mobile applications need including Enterprise Content Management, Users and Groups, Role-based Security, Auditing, Content Transformations and Analytics and Reporting for marketing lead generation.

As an illustration for randomly displaying data, Cloud CMS gives the example of a fortune cookie, whose fortunes come from a database and can be changed with the click of a mouse. Another example is a food web database showing animals, the prey they eat and who eats them. Including these two examples, Cloud CMS offers 10 Cool Things You can do with Cloud CMS.

Pricing is by subscription and starts at $49/month. All plans include 50 GB storage, 100 GB of data transfer monthly and $0.20/GB over that.

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