Ghost 3.0 Combines Publishing and Subscriptions in the Same Platform

Ghost, a Headless CMS provider that is growingly popular for online publishing, just announced the release of Ghost 3.0. Ghost 3.0 is marked by two categories of major changes. The first is a keen focus on integrating subscription/membership directly within the publishing Platform. Second, the technical approach has shifted to the JAMstack movement.

"Ghost 3.0 is far and away the biggest release we've ever done, in terms of scale," John O'Nolan, Ghost founder, commented in a blog post announcement. "We announced more today in one go than at any other point in our history - and more people were involved in this release than ever before."

As of Ghost 3.0, Ghost accomplishes full publishing needs and subscription needs within the same, independent platform. There is zero reliance on third-party products and services for subscription services. In a world where publishers are finding that premium content through a SaaS model might be the most viable business strategy for publishing in the modern world, having publishing needs and membership requirements through a single platform is huge.

Since its initial launch, Ghost has stayed at the cutting edge from a technical standpoint. Its headless CMS strategy is evidence of such. Ghost has been closely following the JAMstack movement and has adopted the approach in v3.0. In previous versions, publishers would create a dynamic app and generate cached HTML to make it fast and flexible. In the JAMstack environment, publishers create a static site and add dynamic features. In this new CMS world, sites are driven by Webhooks, APIs, and frameworks. Check out all of the Ghost 3.0 features at the update site.

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